Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hello Everybody

Now a days everybody is disturb due to his / her personal problems, domestic and official issues etc. and search for peace in an outside environment.  We must remember if we don't have peace inside us then it cannot be made available in the outside world on a permanent basis.  We must search ourselves out our identity which is neither our name or physical body.  We must ask a question from ourselves about "WHO AM I".  We must try to find out an answer from within our heart and not for outside environment.  I would like to quote from Ramayana and Bhagwat Geeta:

Ishwar ansh jeev avinashi, chetan amal sahaj sukh raashi ! (Ramayan)

Mamewansho jeev loke jeevbhootah sanatanh ! (Geeta)

We all human being are a part of supreme power (God) as mentioned in above two shalokas. We all are pure but due to our relationship with the world we got so many negative thoughts in our personality which are one of the cause of our disturbances. We have to look into ourlseves and remove the negativity and focus only on purety which is inheritate amongst us from the supreme power. When we identify ourselves with the relation as father, mother, sister etc. then we attach with our nearest and dearest and expect from them that they have to follow our command in toto. Whenever they don't follow then we become disturb and again search for peace.We must concentrate sometimes by sitting alone and search for the answers of silly questions which disturb us frequently....................

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